Solo and Ensemble Times for 2/13/2016

Performerid Time Stage Room Cl Event Composition Performer Accompanist
10887 8:50 AM B110 B110 C String Quartet Easy String Quartets Volume 2 Naille, Khan, Lybbert & ...
10648 9:10 AM C137 C137 C Violin Solo Concerto in G Major, Op. 34 Grayson Troxell Caitlin Bartholic
10649 10:20 AM C137 C137 B String Bass Solo La Cinquantaine Connor Kimble Virginia Faulkner
10652 10:40 AM C134 C134 A Violin Solo Concerto #1 in A minor Katie Toledo Caitlin Bartholic
10671 11:00 AM C137 C137 B Cello Solo Suite No. 1 in G Amanda Burton
16640 11:20 AM C140 C140 C Cello Duet Nine Duets Burton - Goulding
10884 11:30 AM B128 B128 A Cello Solo Concerto, Op. 85 Caroline Hale
10660 11:40 AM C134 C134 A Violin Solo Romance No. 2 in F Major, Op. 50 Sarita Gara Virginia Faulkner
10882 11:50 AM B128 B128 A Cello Solo Concerto in C Katherine Zu
15331 1:00 PM C140 C140 B Viola Solo Concerto in G major Ben Meyers Caitlin Bartholic
10655 1:20 PM B128 B128 A Cello Solo Elegie, Op. 24 Sydney Kimble Virginia Faulkner
10662 2:00 PM B128 B128 A String Bass Solo Concerto in G (attributed to Dragonetti) Casey Bauchmoyer Virginia Faulkner
10650 2:10 PM D116 D116 A Piano Solo Sonata in C Major K. 330 Katie Toledo
10891 2:20 PM C140 C140 B Viola Trio 10 Viola Trios Helser, Plinke, Dryer
10659 2:30 PM D116 D116 A Piano Solo Waltz, Op. 64, #2 Sarita Gara
10880 3:10 PM D116 D116 A Piano Solo Nocturne, Op. 9, #1 Thomas Porter
10657 3:30 PM B128 B128 A Cello Duet Concerto in g minor F.III, No. 2 Caroline Hale, Sydney Ki...
10663 3:40 PM B110 B110 A Viola Duet Three Duets for Two Violas #3 Cassie Davis, Katie Jenkins
10672 4:20 PM B110 B110 B Cello Solo The Swan Joelle Stevanus Jacquie Stevanus
10653 4:40 PM C137 C137 A Violin Duet Concerto in d minor BMV 1043 Katharine Toledo, Monica... Caitlin Bartholic


Schedule for State Orchestra Contest 2/20/2012 at Reynoldsburg High School Livingston Campus

11:30 A.M. - Davidson orchestra room is opened 

12:00 noon- All students and chaperones are in the orchestra room

12:15 P.M. - We board buses and leave for R.H.S.

1:00 P.M. - We arrive at R.H.S.

1:40 P.M. - Concert Orchestra begins warm up

2:10 P.M. - Concert Orchestra performs ( other orchestras attend)

3:05 P.M. - Concert Orchestra finishes

3:30 P.M. -Symphony Orchestra begins warm up

4:00 P.M.-Symphony Orchestra performs ( other orchestras attend)

5:05 P.M.-Symphony Orchestra finishes

5:15 P.M.- Three buses return to Davidson with Concert and Symphony Orchestras.

5:10 P.M.-Chamber Orchestra begins warm up

5:45 P.M.-Chamber Orchestra performs 

6:00 P.M. - First Three buses arrive back at Davidson

6:40 P.M.-Chamber Orchestra finishes

6:55 P.M. -Final bus leaves for Davidson

7:40 P.M. -Arrive back at Davidson ( A play will be going on, so we won't have access to our room)



Here is the link to schedule 5th/6th grade fitting time slots:

In order to cover all of the fitting appointments we are expecting to have again this year, we will need to have all fitting time slots filled. This will allow for us to handle any large groups of walk-ins we have, allow those who are staying for the entire evening to take a quick break to eat, and in the unlikely case someone is suddenly unable to attend will help us to make it by.

In order to cover all time slots we will need everyone to sign up for 3 time slots.
This is the same amount of time slots we had last year.

Fittings will take place from 4-8pm – the last appointment scheduled being at 7:50pm. Please plan to stay until 8:15pm to help clean up. If you are scheduled for the first shift, please make sure you arrive on time at 3:45 in order to accommodate those who arrive early (because they always arrive early!)


Congratulations to, Sarita Gara ,  Katie Toledo, Cassie Davis, Katie Jenkins, Katherine Zu, and Casey Bauchmoyer on their participation in Promusica Chamber Orchestra's Messiah performance!


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2015-16 Hilliard Davidson High School Orchestra Handbook



Lia Ferguson & Sarita Gara

Vice President 

Casey Bauchmoyer 


Cassie Davis


Brian Long